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Projects, business references, a selection

Environmental Historic inventory and environmental engineering surveying within Eslövs airfields, Eslov 52:14, Eslöv, Sweden.

Contractor with environmental control for with an environmental remediation of PCB-contaminated soil within the properety Eskil 20, Lund, Region Skåne, Regionservice, 2012.

Environmental Historic inventory and environmental engineering surveying within Husensjö 8:11, Helsingborg, Sweden. Kärnhuset Construction, 2012.

Sampling of soil under windows with earlier PCB-joint at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden. Regionservice via IMTEK, 2011.

Environmental due diligence of real estate in southern Poland, 2011.

Risk assessment after remediation of the former gas station on Granlo 3:187, Sundsvall, Sweden. OKQ8, via RGS90, 2011.

Remediation of former tannery. Control of the soil with XRF instrument. Råå, Helsingborg, Sweden. Kodeda Consultants, 2011.

Environmental Engineering surveying
within Innerstaden 1:64, Trelleborg. TrelleborgsHem, 2011.

Sampling of contaminated building materials on the former gas station, Kajan 33, Limhamn, Malmö, Sweden. IMTEK, 2011.

Sampling of soil under windows with earlier PCB-joint at schools and retirement homes in Ystad, Sweden. IMTEK, 2011.

Environmental Engineering samples of gypsum and groundwater within Gipsön outside Landskrona, Sweden, Yara via DHI, 2011.

PCB inventory of industrial building, on Spaden 2, Asmundtorp, Landskrona, Sweden, Lindahls Mekaniska via MST Syd, 2011.

Risk assessment based on previously conducted sampling on Gäddede 2:39, Strömsund, Sweden. RGS90, 2011.

Sampling of building materials before demolition of part of bus garage. Spårvägen 3, Malmö, Sweden. Malmö municipality via IMTEK, 2011.

Environmental Engineering surveying of former industrial land in Helsingborg, Sweden, for the construction of new container terminal, Port of Helsingborg, 2011.

Environmental control for the demolition of the sugar mill building in Hököpinge, Vellinge, Sweden. HSB Malmö, 2011.

Environmental control for the remediation of oil contaminated soil on a construction site. Oket 22 in Malmo, PEAB via RGS90, 2011.

Calculation of the remediation costs for large industrial property in Limhamn, Sweden, HSB Malmö, 2011.

Lecture on contaminated soil for Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2011.

Environmental Engineering surveying of the former Dry Cleaning in Trelleborg, Sweden, sampling of soil, groundwater and air. Private property owner, 2011.

Environmental control at a remediation of oil contaminated soil in a privately owned property within the municipality of Karlshamn, Sweden, on behalf of property owner's insurance company via Tyréns, 2011

Environmental investigation of the ground on a property in Lomma, Sweden, Lomma municipality, 2011

Environmental historical investigation and assessment of a industrial property in Lilla Lomma, Sweden, Flourcarbon International, 2011.

Risk assessment of industrial property in Arlöv, Sweden, IMTEK, 2011.

Environmental historical investigation of industrial property in Malmö, Sweden, to determine if the ground could be contaminated, Kungsleden via IMTEK, 2011.

Environmental Engineering surveying and risk assessment in a public park in Malmö, Sweden. Previous investigations in the park have shown elevated levels of PAHs in particular, Malmö municipality via IMTEK, 2011.

Personal references, a selection

Closure and remediation of gas stations in Kalmar, Kristianstad and Östra Grevie, Sweden. OKQ8, Project manager, 2009-2010.

Closure and rehabilitation of gas station in Kristianstad, Sweden. Preem, Project manager, 2009-2010.

Environmental surveying and closure and remediation of gas stations in Ronneby, Sweden. OKQ8, Project manager, 2009-2010.

In situ remediation of oil contaminated soil by air sparging in Malmo, Sweden. Preem, assistant project manager, 2009-2010.

Geotechnical and environmental investigation on a property in Malmö, Sweden, MKB, project manager, 2008.

Environmental historical investigation and geotechnical and environmental soil investigation in the technical development area of former greenhouse area, Malmö, Sweden. ARX, project manager, 2008.

PCB inventory of buildings in Malmö, Sweden,
Swerock, project manager, 2006.

Environmental investigations and remediation monitoring at Hököpinge former sugar factory in Vellinge, Sweden. HSB Malmö, head foreman, 2007-2009.

Environmental investigation and geophysical survey at the University Hospital MAS in Malmö, Sweden. Region Skåne, Real Estate, project manager, 2007.

Remediation of diesel contamination in groundwater under the basement floor and the design of ventilated floor in the basement, Limhamn, Sweden. Folksam AB, project manager, 2006-2008.

Environmental historical investigation and environmental survey, risk assessment inclusive site-specific guideline values, remediation control at a site with former greenhouses, Kävlinge, Sweden, Näsets Hus & Mark (Älsbyhus), project manager, 2005-2008.

Detailed environmental soil investigation at the former wood treatment facility in Elnaryd, Sweden, before a grant funded remediation. Modelling of pollution in 3D, Alvesta administrators, 2005-2006.

Environmental surveying and VA-investigation at the sawmill in Velikiy Bychkiv and Mizhirya in Ukraine and in Krasno nad Kysucou in Slovakia. Environmental Due Diligence for two sawmills in Velikiy Bychkiv, Ukraine, Swedwood International AB, project manager, 2004-2009.

Environmental surveys on wood processing properties in Katrineholm and Eskilstuna, Sweden, Setra, administrators, 2004-2005.

Environmental soil survey in a sampling grid of approximately 350 boxes with five survey points per box, approximately 1,000 tests in the lab, presented in GIS, Jönköping, Sweden. Project manager, 2004.

Preparation of geotechnical designs. Transfer of geotechnical data to Citytunneln database, in Malmö, Sweden, 2004-2005.

Geotechnical and environmental investigations in the industrial area near the oil port of Helsingborg for the construction of a new street, Helsingborg, Swede, project manager, 2002.

Geotechnical and environmental soil investigation. Environment historical investigation, and testing of building materials, in Helsingborg, Sweden. Controlling the remediation. IKEA Property, 2001-2002.

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